Evolutionary Development of the Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution is an evolutionary stage of human progress. Revolutions are disruptive events, and catalysts for drastic change and ways of thinking. Evolution is the genomic response to these disruptions. Knowledge develops thru stages of expanding understanding.  A combination of paradigms, scientific knowledge, and technological capabilities create new processes and structures.



  • Nascent stages of development are art – Creativity.
  • Prototyping defines processes via trial and error.
  • Process parameters establish principles - Science
  • Progress is applying these principles to other domains


  • Enterprise refers to activities whose purpose is getting results.
  • Studying enterprises whether  businesses, organizations, or projects is how to understand the nature of anything.
  • Most relevant to the digital culture are manufacturing processes, computer technology, health science, and human behavior.

Learning is, the transfer of experience

gained in the past to problems of the present.

Learning defines principles -  that direct the future thru the present.

Evolution of Human Progress

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