The Digital Horizon

  • The Digital age opens windows exposing new horizons
  • Digitization of all transactions, images, books, and correspondence
  • Availability and increasing libraries of knowledge databases
  • Changing how you approach work and play.
  • Creating new competencies for managing processes
  • Affirming human centric relationships


The essence of the digital culture is integrating enterprise capabilities across multiple domains. Computerization is now a fundamental part of human activity. Using the window of enterprises is the means for understanding the digital horizon.

Curiosity and challenges advance knowledge which is the epiphenomenon of science and technology. “Learning is, in the ultimate analysis, the transfer of experience gained in the past to problems of the present.”


Prior inventions enhanced human physical capabilities.

Digital innovations are human thinking augmentation.

New views of the digital culture.

A view of the Virunga Volcanoes from the Rwandan Plantation in Mugongo.

Global 24/7 Culture Characteristics

  • It is the natural continuum of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Normalizing the cognification and interconnectivity of objects and domains.
  • The ubiquity and open availability of information, increasing human knowledge.
  • The commoditization of technology creating level playing fields.
  • Substratum for spurring socio-economic innovations.
  • A renaissance of ideas and methods.

Digital Culture Perspective


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