Enterprise Augmentation - Lighting New Paths


Epochal change such as the digital era require new paradigms. Enterprise augmentation is a framework for addressing this phenomenon. The cognification and interconnectivity of all objects and domains shifts operational nucleus from product-centric to application-centric paradigms. Enterprise augmentation requires a multi-discipline perspective.


Success depends on your ability to harness your organizational DNA. The lighthouse is a navigational aid, guiding ships safely past hazards to the safety of the harbor. The lighthouse does not steer the ship into the harbor. Lighthouses augment piloting the ship.


The physician observes, listens, and test – deciphering symptoms into diagnosis. Medical augmentation is a set of remedies helping you to restore or improve your health


Enterprise augmentation leverages the polymathic praxis of manufacturing processes, management theories, human behavior, and computer technology. Understanding that each domain has its unique DNA, augmentation methods are tailored to the engagement. This begins with the due diligence (systems triage) of the subject and its environment. The triage determines the scope of engagement, defines the approach, and provides supplemental support thru the process.

The essence of the digital culture is augmenting capabilities across multiple objects and domains. Computerization is now a fundamental part of human activity. The convergence of knowledge and technology presents new ways of doing things. Integrating apparatus logic in the processes and function of enterprises is the rising sun of the digital era.

Guiding you to Safe Harbors

Essential to safely navigate your way to safe harbors.

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Enterprise Augmentation

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