Enterprises as Organisms

Genomic Enterprises

  • The digital socio-economic environment is a composite of thinking, attitudes, commerce, and behavior imbued in every enterprise.
  • Enterprise domain are complex systems whose purpose and scope is analogous to an organism. Each enterprise has unique DNA, defining its physiology.
  • The DNA is people, processes, procedures, policies, management, products, services, resources, computer software, and environment.
  • The enterprise design, is a thruput system, utilizing its DNA to achieve its purpose.
  • Thruput ecosystems have immunological responses to change forces and thruput constraints.
  • Homeostasis is a continuous effort to manage operational variants.

Enterprise augmentation is a paradigm for assisting an enterprise to achieve its purpose.

  •  Instead of conventional consulting approaches, augmentation is a study of the entire organization, determining the health of the systems’ DNA.
  • Arriving at a diagnosis using a system triage framework.
  • Defining programs that reinforces your existing DNA and its immunology.
  • Sustainable homeostasis ensuring your competitive advantage.

Creating Aerodynamic Lift


Overcoming space and time to reach other destinations.


We act as your enterprise doctor.

We observe, listen, test, and participate in your resolutions.


Diagnosing the enterprise physiological homeostasis vis Systems Triage

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