Principles for Descerning Future Trends

Epiphany moments are the synchronization of diverse perspectives. Computer Integrated Manufacturing principle by Dr. Joseph Harrington, Jr. is a significant epiphany moment. The Harrington principles are relevant to the evolution of the digital culture. These insights are effective explanations for understanding technological advancements.


The Harrington Principles set the stage for seeing mosaic patterns in developing new ideas. The Harrington Principles are key to the digital evolution. These principles are the substratum for innovation.


Harrington Principles

  • Observe manufacturing (enterprise) as a science not an art.
  • Enterprises have purpose – thruput processes – analogous to an organism.
  • Thruput physiology defines the rules and parameters governing its behavior.
  • Enterprise thruput activity are transactions (data bits).
  • Enterprises capabilities are the DNA of the organization.
  • When you understand, you can measure – analyze.
  • When you can measure, you can control, then you can succeed.


The digital culture requires a multi-discipline background. The following theories are some of the requirements.

  • Pareto Principle – (80/20 rule) the law of the vital few versus the trivial many.
  • Theory of Constrains – (TOC) managing critical path constraints.
  • System Thinking – understanding a system via subsystems relationships.
  • Medical Science – knowledge of physiology, DNA, biology, and, immunology
  • Human Behavior – insight into human characteristics.
  • Computer Technology – especially applications and software.



Mosaic of Principles = New Prisms

The center court at Penn Central railroad station in Batlimore Maryland.

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Enterprises are thruput system.

  • Enterprises are purpose driven
  • Using processes to create output
  • Leveraging resources (input)


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