Systems Triage - Navigating the Fog -


Enterprise augmentation begins with a systems triage. Understanding the physiology of the organization is critical to discovery. Systems triage uses the medical triage model, due diligence, to sort and prioritize responses. The systems triage is:

  • Rapid assessment of existing circumstances
  • Diagnosis of threats and constraints
  • Identification of remedies – action plan
  • Prioritization of remedies


Triage Framework

  • Interviews – understanding the organizational DNA
  • Concerns – obtaining stakeholder observations
  • Walk-thru – physical/logical - get a picture of the situation
  • Analytics – financial/logistical – operations accounting techniques
  • Objectivity – using a multi-discipline point of view


The systems triage relies on polymathic experiences in the following disciplines.

  • Management theories – how they apply to your enterprise
  • Manufacturing thruput – coordinating subsystems, constraints, critical paths
  • Human behavior – empowerment, comfort levels, and individual skills
  • Computer technology – integration of processes and procedures of the operation
  • Organizational physiology – subsystem interaction and their immune systems


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