Thruput is Process Navigation

Thru-put Approach

Every enterprise, regardless of industry such as health, manufacturing, distribution, information technology, retail, or service is a thruput organization.  Viewing your operations as, a thru-put system is coordination management.

  • Focus on coordinating the order fulfillment process.
  • You overcome operant variability by using a pull technique.
  • Identify the critical paths and pull constraints.
  • Manage the constraints using Theory of Constraints.
  • Eliminate the hidden activities to speed the thruput.

Theory of Constraints

Theory of Constraint views the total thruput system and looks for constraints.

Physical constraints (capacity, material, resources, etc.), thinking (policies, paradigms, management, etc.) and market (supply versus demand).

Identify the existing constraint. Steps for overcoming constraints are:

  1. Make improvements or eliminate the constraint.
  2. Find the next constraint and make improvements.
  3. Continue the process until you achieve your goal.

Thruput is Journey

Fishing boat heading out for the night catch.


  • Overcomes operant variability
  • Increases asset utilization velocity
  • Enables an agile response to unplanned events.
  • Setup a continuous improvement as part of daily operations.
  • Promotes a learning organization environment.

Theory of Constraints

  • Capacity  - physical and market
  • Thinking - managerial and behavioral
  • Logistical - coordination/operations

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